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You want to buy a fake dr note, but you’re concern it won’t trick others? You aren’t alone. Most people question how reliable such a note is. That was until now.

Around our first year in business, KOMO News which is based out of Seattle, Washington, contacted us after other sites turned them down. They wanted to do a report about employees calling out sick to work, when they weren’t really sick at all! They wanted to test notes like ours at a real local area business to see if managers and bosses could be tricked!

At the time we knew a negative story could destroy the future of our business but a positive story could change us forever. Most other websites were afraid to take that chance but we did.

This is the real report that aired on network TV, the report that every other fake dr note site wises they had done! Watch the video for yourself and/or read the transcript of the broadcast. This is the reason why we are considered the best site to buy excuses from!

Watch the Broadcast that Aired on Live TV Below!

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Calling in sick when nothing hurts!

Story Published: Nov 19, 2007 at 12:55 AM PST
Story Updated: Nov 19, 2007 at 1:05 AM PST
By Luke Ducey

Most of us have called in sick, sometimes even when we feel fine. But have you ever gone through the trouble of typing up, printing up and handing your boss a phony doctor’s note? KOMO 4 News conducted a few experiments to find out what it takes to sell a fake sickness to the boss.

First we bought several phony excuses from the Web site, which specializes in just that.

Then, with the help of three employees of Jones Soda, we sent in our hidden cameras to see whether their bosses bought the phony excuses.

Our first accomplice handed over a phony doctor’s note for a future medical visit. And we mean business when we say “phony.” The list of doctors on the slip was actually the list of the cast members from the ABC show “Grey’s Anatomy.” And the address of the phony doctor’s office was that of the Space Needle.

As it turned out, we could’ve just as well used the address to the White House; the fake slip worked like magic and there were no questions asked.

So for our second experiment we upped the ante with a note asking for time off for an upcoming dental surgery. The address on that slip was Pike Place Market.

But again, the worker ran into no problems.

The third worker took the biggest risk. He handed over a phony funeral excuse for a person that doesn’t exist. The funeral was to be held in sunny Barbados for three nights and four days. The worker nervously shuffled into his manager’s office, not so sure his excuse would work.

Perhaps he didn’t look as nervously as he felt. To his own surprise, his boss bought it.