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Up until Phoney Excuses came onto the scene, getting custom notes made wasn’t easy. Sites would sell you a package of 20+ notes for a low price which seemed like a good deal. That was until you realized how much time you had to waste digging through useless notes to find good ones that worked. We ended that by only offering the most realistic note and removing the other garbage notes.

Those other stores also gave clients all 20+ notes as one large file that you’d have to download! With so many viruses and malware showing up on people’s computers these days because of bad downloads, who wants more downloads?

Then after risking all of that, you still needed word processing software on your computer to edit and customize your note. And for those that didn’t have the special software necessary to edit the notes, buying it which could cost upwards of $80 wasn’t affordable.

Fortunately, we’ve changed all of that. The process of getting a fake dr note made with us has never been easier. Just follow these simple steps.

Create a dr note using our generator

Our online generator page will just ask you some simple questions about your note including your name, the doctor’s name, hospital name and excuse you want displayed. All of his information is used to create an instant note that is ready to use.

Once done adding your details, hit PREVIEW.

We let you see a watermarked copy of your note. This is totally free to you to have and gives you a chance to see our award winning note up close and personal! If you love it, order it without the watermark.

Upgrade to our premium note

Once you have added the premium note to your shopping cart, check out and make a payment. There is no shipping details required because nothing ships, everything is instant. Once your order is submitted, that’s it. You are given instant access to a watermark-free copy of your note. It can then be printed off and used right away.

What will I need before ordering?

Besides details about what you featured on the note (names and dates), we recommend having access to a printer. We don’t even require anything special, just a boring letter size printer that you can access at any school, library, etc. In fact you can save the pdf of the note to your computer, email it yourself and print it later at your convenience.

The note is 8.5×11 and the note is displayed as four copies, making each one when cut down, 4×5.5. Why do we make our notes 4×5.5 because that is the size of a typical legal pad that most doctors use to make real notes.

need help using phoney excuses? see our faq guide.